UDo is a mobile app which helps you to connect with an expert instantly on mobile to answer your queries.


4 simple steps to talk to experts and get your doubts cleared.

Log In

using Facebook/ Twitter/ Google+ or simply sign-up to register

Search experts

Browse for various experts from our huge database


Talk with our experts on a call and get questions answered


Pay experts for the advice given with your paytm account



  • Cracking Jobs
  • Learn new things
  • Start Up advices
  • Consulting


  • Interview
  • Relationships
  • Leadership Training
  • Research


  • Exit Interviews
  • Recruitments
  • Job Training
  • Wealth Management

The possibilities with UDo are limitless. Right form the pit to zenith, everything is covered.


One App. Unlimited solutions!

Earn money on the go

Earn Money in your free time and on the go. All you need to do is toggle to ‘expert mode’

Seamless UI & UX

We like to keep it simple and handy, so you focus on interactions effectively

When & Where you need it

Get instant advice from an expert anytime. Stop waiting and start talking!

Pay for what you talk

We have you covered. You pay by the second when you talk to an expert


  • 1

    Choose your area of expertise

    Register as an expert by selecting the appropriate Category of your expertise. You can select multiple categories as an expert.

  • 2

    Complete your expert profile

    Complete the details on the registration field and get verified by our verification team over a call.

  • 3

    Manage your availability accordingly

    You can turn on the expert mode when you wish to and start receiving calls. Once you turn off the expert mode, you will no longer be shown as available to the users looking for help.

  • 4

    Look out for notifications

    Get notified when users are looking for help in your area of expertise. You can choose to respond or simply ignore

  • 5

    Help via voice

    Once you accept a user notification, the user will be connected to you through an in-app call. You are now ready to give your expert opinion/advice.

  • 6

    Get paid

    You will be paid for your time on the call. Pricing on the app is based on your experience and feedback on the call.


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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Great teams put in great efforts to bring out realistic products. Our strength is our team.


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