Overseas education is pricey. Education, of course, is the best kind of investment there is. And the return is ten times more valuable than what you expend. You enjoy the benefits for life! But there’s no denying the fact that education nowadays—in an esteemed college, especially overseas—costs a fortune!

Apart from tuition fees, (which in itself is a large amount) students who want to study abroad have to consider airfares, insurances, accommodation and living expenses. Overall, the money required to afford for your studies overseas can feel like a huge burden. Fortunately, there are many ways you can fund (completely or augmented) your overseas education.

Student loans

Banks provide loans on education schemes that students can repay once they get a job and start earning. Isn’t that awesome? You take the loan, study all you want, get a suitable job and then start to repay your loan. This is by far the most popular way to fund your education in India–and rightly so.

The convenience and ease of access make it a reliable source of fund for overseas education.


Although scholarships are limited and very competitive, they aren’t impossible to get. A scholarship and the funds you get from it can significantly relieve your budget-burden. And there are many kinds of scholarships, let’s break them down.


For merit students, this scholarship is a great way to go. Some of these scholarships pay your whole tuition fee, while others offer a considerable amount.

Research about some government scholarship schemes. There are many.


Many universities give away scholarships. Look up the criteria under which they grant scholarship. If you are eligible, apply for the grant.


Some universities grant sports scholarships too. So there’s still hope for non-meritorious students who are rather amazing at a particular sport.


Every scholarship has varying criteria. Before applying for a scholarship, check these things: Eligibility, required documentation, and the deadline.

Research Assistantships

Becoming a research assistant will help you grow in your field of studies as you will be doing practical work related to your studies, of course under the leadership of an expert. The scope of learning is paramount and it is a huge opportunity.

Many universities allow students to work as research assistants. Take up a job on campus to earn money while you study.

Overseas Education Expert

On UDo, you can find overseas education experts. And with years of experience in the field. That’s about hundreds of students that they have helped find funding and sent abroad to fulfill their dreams. UDo is free to download. And you can instantly connect with an overseas education expert and get valuable advice.


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